A Traditional Thanksgiving

 A Traditional  Thanksgiving!

Most of us have Thanksgiving traditions we learned from our parents, grandparents and extended family. We asked around for a few traditions you might like to try this year.

Giving Thanks

Showing gratitude is the most important tradition to have on Thanksgiving Day. One great idea we found during our research is to have everyone fill out a small “I am thankful for” card and read it at the dinner table. You can save these cards and share memories of family members over the years.

Have the Kids Serve Dessert

We all know kids who love spending time in the kitchen and would like to help cook the Thanksgiving dinner. To make this a happy day for everyone and make the kids feel they’ve had a part in this celebration, let them serve the dessert! It’s an easy enough task that won’t create too much mess in the kitchen.

Take a Post Meal Walk

Thanksgiving is not only a time to say ‘thanks’, but also to enjoy those amazing dishes everyone prepared. It’s a day to cheat a little and try all of the delicious treats. Don’t worry about feeling guilty afterwards. Instead, make it a tradition to go out for a short walk after your meal. Perhaps, a simple walk, with all the guests, around the neighborhood to enjoy the nice fall air and admire those autumn colors.

Netflix Marathon

If you and your family are more of the “stay at home” people, here’s another fun tradition. Gather all your guests and have a family-friendly movie marathon. Consider choosing a few movies and have your family vote on the top two or three that all of you want to watch together. Make sure to leave some favorite snacks on the kitchen counter or table, so people can grab them as the get hungry during the movie marathon.

Share Your Favorite Part of the Day

At the end of the day, before guests prepare to leave, get everyone together for a short recap of the day. Take this time to share your favorite moments of the day and thank each other for celebrating Thanksgiving together. With a recap like that, everyone will leave in a great mood and save their favorite memories forever.


There you have it, a few try-worthy traditions for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. Whether you are looking to come up with new Thanksgiving traditions, or just add to your existing ones, these should be easy enough to incorporate. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!