Our Team

Founding Family

Vinny Nardo
Chairman of the Board

Vinny Nardo is the Chairman of the Board at Reborn Cabinets. He is directly involved in any decision that affect the overall health of the company. Using his, 35 years of experience in Cabinet Design and Manufacturing, Vinny founded Reborn Cabinets in 1983.

Vinny is the youngest of eleven children born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian Immigrant parents. After a four year service in the Navy, Vinny worked under each of his brothers (three of his brothers who were cabinet makers with cabinet manufacturing businesses of their own in Brooklyn and on Long Island, New York) and has learned the best of the craft with old world traditions and ethics.

Vinny remembers his brothers saying, “Whenever you work, do so diligently and honestly keep the family name proud.” Vinny has passed that tradition on to his children. His Christian Commitment and Ethics govern his business practices and decisions each day and are what makes Reborn Cabinets the leading manufacturer of Custom Cabinets and Custom Refacing in Southern California today.

Vinny is a volunteer with the Anaheim Police Department RSVP program, and a member of their Ambassador program. In addition, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.

Brenda Nardo
Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Brenda is the Chief Executive Office (CEO) at Reborn Cabinets. Prior to establishing Reborn Cabinets with her husband Vinny in 1983, Brenda spent her time as a full time mom (raising her boys). She holds professional licensing as a Real Estate Broker, Marriage and Family Counselor, and General Contractor. Returning to school in 1988, she earned her Master’s Degree in 1992 from Pacific Christian College in Fullerton, California. Brenda is a Breast Cancer survivor and strong advocate for awareness and early examination. She has strong Christian values and serves in her church ministry, supporting interpersonal relationships through the values and mores of her beliefs.

Brenda is a grandmother who says, ‘If I knew grandchildren were this much fun, I would have had them first”. Today, she says her greatest pleasure and achievement are her 7 grand’s any of which can usually negotiate anything from her. Her hobbies are her grand’s, golf, and traveling. Brenda is an active member of the leadership team at Reborn Cabinets.

Vincent Nardo

Vincent Nardo, President of Reborn Cabinets, joined his family business in 1989. Vincent is responsible for the company’s long-term strategies and strategic partnerships, and is closely involved with day-to-day operations and bottom-line performance.

His keenness and business sense are unmatched in this industry. He has an intuitive understanding and ability to handle any situation and he excels in technical and business issues. Employees are comfortable seeking his knowledge and guidance on any level with confidence that he will help them come to a resolution.

He strives to gain knowledge ranging from technical to business within this industry. He holds several certifications and is Licensed as a General Contractor by the California Contractors Licensing Board since 2002. Vince is an active member of the NKBA and attends regular product information conferences and industry product regulation seminars.

Anthony Nardo
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Anthony Nardo is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Reborn Cabinets Inc. He partners in duties with the company’s President, including the training of upper management, especially in the area of customer service and satisfaction. He directs financial strategies, planning and forecasting. He holds the primary responsibility for the managing the financial risks, decisions and management of the company.

Mr. Nardo is a Certified Kitchen Designer, is licensed as a General Contractor, and holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Accounting.

Business peers experience his commitment and faith through his decisions and genuine pledge to service his customers. He says his faith is what supports and guides him through all situations.