Reborn Cabinets Creates Soothing Bathing Environments

Have the Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed Of

You’ve dreamed for a long time to remodel that bathroom. Choosing the faucets, deciding on body sprays or not, regular bath tub or whirlpool, marble walls or tile walls, new window and where it should be placed. These are just some of the many choices to be made when choosing to remodel a bathroom.

Over 25 Years of Bathroom Remodeling Experience

Trust your remodel to the company that has over a quarter century of experience remodeling bathrooms. Choose an expert with years of experience to help you navigate thru the maze of choices. Choose Reborn Cabinets.

Our Designers Help Your Dream Become a Reality

Our experienced designers work with your dream to create a design and layout that is both functional and beautiful. Helping you along the way with all the decisions, from where to put the dryer to how high the showerhead should be.

We can handle Your complete Bath Remodeling

Don’t want to have to hire separate individuals to do the plumbing, electrical or drywall work? Concerned about dealing with so many contractors? Need someone you can trust? Then visit Reborn Cabinets, your one stop for complete Bathroom remodeling.

Come Dream Up Your New Bathroom in Our Design Center

Visit our design center where you can choose all the products for your bathroom project in one place from people you can trust. Remodeling can often be a scary and daunting task, stop in and see what the Ultimate Remodeling Experience® is all about.

The Ultimate Remodeling Experience Delivers the Ultimate Remodeling Experience®

After your initial visit with a member of our Expert Design Team, who will help you thru the planning and design of your bathroom, our Engineering Team will put the pieces together to create a functional room, creating a relaxing environment for you to enjoy after a hard day at work, or a soothing retreat after a day of dealing with the children.

Once you approve the final design of your bathroom project, our Production Team will custom manufacture the cabinetry in our state of the art facility where each piece is cut and manufactured just for you. From every piece of molding to each cabinet door, our Finishing Team will hand stain and finish each piece, creating a masterpiece along the way.

Our Installation Team will transform those pieces into a custom one of a kind environment worthy of the cover of any magazine. Every screw, knob, and drawer will be carefully installed to give you years of dependability.

The responsibility for managing the intricacies of your project are assigned to a Project Team Lead who works directly with members of the Project Team to ensure the electrical is put in the correct locations for that new whirlpool tub, the plumbing is relocated correctly for that body spa experience, and the room is ready to receive the cabinets. Once the cabinets are installed the Project Team Lead works hand in hand with the team responsible for the shower or tub wall installation to ensure everything is done how you and the Design Team dreamed it to be. Next he coordinates and ensures all the plumbing fixtures are installed, flooring completed and everything is functional and working, ready for you to come home fill up the tub, dim the lights, and relax.

Don’t trust your bathroom remodel to just anyone, turn to the professionals and you will know what the Ultimate Remodeling Experience is all about.