Friends of Reborn Cabinets: Silestone Countertops


In our industry, we hear “why” people want to redo their kitchen or bathrooms every day.

At Reborn Cabinets, we have a name for the “why’s” people give us for perusing a remodeling project of their kitchen or bath—we call them “painpoints.” Now, we know that a worn, creaky kitchen doesn’t actually cause a person real pain per-se, but hat doesn’t mean that being unhappy with your surroundings on a consistent basis is an easy feeling to live with.

As you’ve probably been able to figure out, Reborn Cabinets specializes in…well, cabinets! But we are also a licensed contracting company, which means our designers can assist our customers in fully re-imagining their space. While we do specialize in Signature Refacing (a process that allows us to transform your kitchen or bath while keeping your existing layout and countertops), the painpoint we hear almost every day is about countertops. And we while we don’t make countertops, we do partner with a handful of really wonderful brands that live up to the level of quality and value that we hold ourselves to.

One such brand is Cosentino’s Silestone. Cosentino is a world-leader in the production and distribution of natural stone, quartz, and other surfaces. They’ve created Silestone, a combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that is beautiful and resilient in the face of an active family that likes to gather in the kitchen!

No matter what look you are going for, Silestone has something for you. Because Silestone is manufactured, it comes in over 90 colors, and a great array of styles and finishes. If your painpoint has been your countertops, choosing Silestone as a brand will mean that you can be sure to get the exact look you have been dreaming about for so long!

We realize that many homeowners like the idea of using natural stone in their home, as opposed to manufactured stone like Silestone. What’s better than the natural option? It’s not a bad choice by any means! However, while natural stone is very beautiful, it’s worth mentioning that most people don’t realize how porous and fragile natural counters can be! Even if you are trying to achieve an all-natural look, Silestone can provide that style without giving you the headache of maintaining new counters that are easy to stain, chip, or crack!

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