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Talk Like a Designer: Quartz vs. Natural Stone

Quartz vs. Natural Stone Palmia CA

If you’re looking into getting new countertops for your home in Palmia, California, you’ve probably found that quartz and natural stone are at the top of the list as some of the best options available. But what exactly is a quartz countertop and how does it differ from natural stone options like granite? The distinction may not be all that clear by looking at beautiful images of newly remodeled kitchens, so let’s start by looking at how these countertops are made.

Granite, which is the most common natural stone used for countertops, is quarried from the ground. It is then cut into slabs, polished, and finally cut into the custom shapes needed to fit the kitchens they’ll be installed in. Natural stone continues to be a classic choice for kitchen countertops, whereas quartz countertops are relatively new to the market. Quartz countertops contain large amounts of crushed quartz that are mixed with a small amount of resin. You can think of quartz countertops as “engineered stone.” It starts with a natural stone product that is then engineered for superior performance.

Both natural stone and quartz countertops are available in a wide variety of unique colors and patterns, so with either option, you’ll likely find a look that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements the kitchen of your Palmia, CA, home. Outside of appearance, however, quartz offers several distinct advantages over granite. First, because quartz is engineered, it has a non-porous surface. Therefore, it does not need to be sealed, is naturally stain resistant, and is incredibly strong. Granite and other natural stone countertops are also strong, but not nearly as much as quartz. Furthermore, because natural stone is porous, it will stain more easily and needs to be sealed every so often to ensure its longevity.

At Reborn Remodeling Solutions, we offer a variety of options for residents of Palmia, CA, looking for new kitchen countertops, including both granite and quartz models. Right now, you can take advantage of our current specials, including 50 percent off our quartz countertops with your purchase of a kitchen remodel. Contact us today for more information.

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