2019 Must-Have Kitchen Trends

New Year, New Kitchen   Rose Gold appliances, Millennial Pink accessories and White Shaker kitchens were the “thing” of 2018, but this year the trend is go dark or go home. Yes, you heard that right – say goodbye to White Shaker kitchens. The style will remain modern, but we are going dark! If you’re considering remodeling or renovating your kitchen, here are a few of the hottest kitchen trends. Back in Black – Everything  Many of us graduated to classic White Shaker kitchens, but in 2019 we are starting to see less and less of it. Black is back (well it never actually went away)! If you’re ready for a change by stepping out of your comfort zone, a black matte kitchen is a way to go. Having a black kitchen can be incredibly dramatic, but if you’re not ready for black matte cabinets then matte black appliances by … Continue reading

Out with the old…In with the new…

Spring is finally here…we all know what that means: Spring Cleaning! Spring cleaning is a chore most homeowners do every year. Once we’re in the “cleaning zone”; because personally, some of us have to be in the zone for this, it’s a relief to be ready for the new season.  Most people would agree there is not a better feeling than coming home to a clean house. Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, especially if you are planning to remodel your kitchen. This season’s remodeling trends will bring a new life to your tired, worn-out kitchen. The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, you want to be proud of it. We can help you get in the zone. This season we are here to help you tackle your kitchen challenge by getting rid of your crumbs and chaos. Here are a few ideas to help get that … Continue reading

Reborn Cabinets Now Offering Signature Refacing In Central California

Reborn Cabinets continues to follow the American Dream by unrolling their signature refacing process at their new location in Pleasanton, California. Until now, Reborn had exclusively offered their one-day shower system, Bath Solutions at this location. Now, residents in and around Reborn’s newest location have the option to choose Reborn Cabinets to reface their kitchen cabinetry. In the past three years, Reborn Cabinets has expanded into three new locations: San Diego, Las Vegas, and Pleasanton. Each location opened with varying product offerings. Pleasanton will be the second of these three new Reborn Cabinets locations to expand on the initial services offered, signaling exciting growth for the company. Vinny Nardo, founder of Reborn Cabinets, brought the Reborn Cabinets Signature Refacing process with him when he moved his family to Anaheim, CA from New York City—one of the first companies to ever offer cabinetry refacing on the West Coast. This new venture … Continue reading

White Hot Trend – White Shaker Cabinets are a #1 Choice

Are you looking to update the kitchen of your home in Monarch Summit II, CA? If you’ve been browsing the internet or thumbing through magazines looking for kitchen design inspiration, it’s more than likely you’ve come across white shaker cabinets in some of those images. These lovely cabinets offer a great deal of versatility for kitchens of all types and styles, so it’s no wonder white shaker cabinets are the number 1 choice amongst homeowners in Monarch Summit II and the surrounding communities in California. Shaker cabinets feature recessed panels with simple lines, creating a clean look in any kitchen. They provide enough visual interest to fit right in with a traditional style kitchen. And yet, they are sleek enough to be suitable for a modern aesthetic as well. No matter what your goals may be for your kitchen remodel, it’s hard to go wrong with shaker cabinets. Additionally, when … Continue reading

Should Casta Del Sol, CA, Residents Reface or Replace Their Cabinets During a Remodel?

One of the most common questions we’re asked by Casta Del Sol, California, homeowners during the planning stages of a kitchen or bathroom remodel is whether they should reface their cabinets or replace them altogether. And like so many other home renovation questions, the answer is: that depends. No other kitchen feature has a bigger visual impact than the cabinets, so it’s understandable that our customers put a high priority on getting this part of their home improvement project just right. While there’s no denying that brand-new, custom-made cabinets can make a dramatic difference in any kitchen (or bathroom), a complete tear-out and replacement might not be necessary, especially if your current cabinets meet your storage needs. At Reborn Cabinetry Solutions, our cabinet refacing services shouldn’t be confused with refinishing. Refinishing is purely cosmetic and involves little more than sanding down and re-staining the doors. That’s not what we do. … Continue reading

Residents of Leisure World Seal Beach, CA, Can Learn to Talk Like a Designer When It Comes to Cabinet Door Styles

Many of our customers don’t realize this until they’re deep into the planning stages of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but when it comes to cabinet doors, there’s a lot to talk about. When residents of Leisure World Seal Beach, California, partner with Reborn Cabinetry Solutions for a home improvement project, one of the first things our design specialist will do is ask a series of questions to determine which options are right for them. Becoming familiar with some of the terms you’ll hear can make the process more efficient and allow you to select cabinets that provide the perfect balance of performance, value, and beauty. The three decisions you’ll need to make concerning your new cabinet doors will be the type of wood they’re made from, their finish, and their style. Let’s start with the most straightforward: wood species. All of the five choices offered by Reborn Cabinetry Solutions … Continue reading

Reborn Cabinets Hosts Manufacturing Day!

Reborn Cabinets invites you to our first-annual Manufacturing Day, a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers! Join us as we invite Local Organizations and Partner Companies to take part in this exciting day, which will introduce young minds to the exciting and diverse career opportunities that await them!

Gary Hoffmann’s Reborn Project!

When Gary Hoffmann and his wife asked us to reface their existing kitchen, we were very excited! We’re big fans of his show on KFI (as many of you are too!), and the Reborn Cabinets team has personally known Gary for a long time. In fact, you may have seen him speak at our Learn From The Pros Workshop! Collaborating on a project with him was going to be fun! Even though Gary already knew about our Signature Refacing process, after completing projects in over 30,000 homes, we know that seeing the transformation in your own home is another experience entirely! This was an awesome opportunity to do some great work, and share our passion for the “Ultimate Remodeling Experience” with a good friend. Reborn Cabinets is very proud of this project, and we invite you to take a look at the stunning results! Gary, thanks for letting Reborn take … Continue reading

Four Decisions You’ll Make After Your Decide To Remodel

So you’ve decided that you want to redo the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. That’s an exciting feeling! But as you probably have figured out, once you decided to redo your cabinets, you’re suddenly faced with a ton of other decisions! It can be overwhelming. Here are four aspects of the kitchen and bath remodeling experience you can expect to encounter when you decide to make your big change! Accessories: Even if you decide to keep the basic layout and countertops from your original kitchen or bathroom, your designer will still make a point to discuss options for additional accessories for your space. Accessories are elements of your kitchen that make the space more functional to use—things like Lazy Susans, pull-out trash bins, wine racks, and even plate displays. These things can be installed without too much hassle, and they will make using your kitchen or bathroom more enjoyable. … Continue reading

5 Questions To Help Prepare You For Remodeling Your Kitchen

1. What is your favorite style? It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t answer this question before they embark on their kitchen remodel of reface. Remember, deciding to remodel or reface your kitchen isn’t just one decision—it’s a series of decisions! Pinning down a basic style that appeals to you will help filter your process. 2. How often are you in your kitchen? All of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but what we do in that time can vastly affect the way your designer will guide you through your process. For example, if you’re a foodie who needs lots of space to spread out while creating complex recipes, you’ll need a different space than someone who is just looking to “feed the troops” after a long day of school and work. Think about how you spend your time in the kitchen, and … Continue reading