Three Ways to Decorate Your House After the Holidays

3 Ways to Decorate Your House After the Holidays

When you look at your home décor after the holidays are you met with mixed emotions? Do the spaces that once held a tree or a wreath suddenly look bare and stark? Look no further, we’ve got post-holiday decorating tips for you!

Winter isn’t over

If you’re wondering if you should still embrace the pristine whites of winter, the answer is YES. You’ve got until March 20th to enjoy the season, so take advantage of the winter white sales that start every January.

  1. Red still rules

The most popular color to pair with white as we transition out of Christmas and into St. Valentine’s Day is no other than red. It’s both festive and bold and brings warmth to almost any decorating style including Country, Traditional, Modern and Rustic.

  1. Sparkle on

No need to stash all that glitters and shines just because the holidays are over. Mercury Glass, Silver and Gold accents found in trays, candlesticks and vases are elegant pieces that transition well through the seasons.

  1. Add cozy textiles

To create a cozy post-holiday haven and stay warm; layer on throws, blankets and plush pillows to your couch, favorite chair and bed.


There you have it, you’re home will be beautifully winter decorated and cozy in no time.