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Message from the President – April 2020

This past month we have been faced with personal and professional challenges we have never or could have ever, expected to be dealing with. Unprecedented is the word used in the media. Unbelievable is the word I use to describe what is going on. What we see now is what we have read about in history books or have watched in the movies! Who could have imagined…

For many of us, the overwhelming feeling of being out of control is a fear gripping, gut wrenching sensation that grips every part of our being. We cannot believe this!
Our mind says – SH(* – SH*( – SH(* ((cleaned up for the team ????))

Here is my personal way of getting through this –

First – I get the fear out of my mind. The first week of this event was overwhelming. I had to allow the emotions to leave me – yes, I allowed the tears and emotions to get out. Had I not done that, I would not have been able to release them.
Second – I turn to my faith – I know God has a plan for this company and my life. No matter what I THINK it might be, He knows WHAT IT WILL BE.
Third – I use my own 3S Plan –

Strategic – I look objectively at the situation and think through each challenge and find a path through it. Many fall to be reactionary. Reaction is what we do when we panic. Strategy is what we use when we see the fire before us and plan an exit out of the building, navigating through all the options in our head before we take the first step.

Smart – I spend time re-thinking the scenarios. What are the pros & cons? How clearly can I communicate this plan to others? Is it well thought out? I realize I may not be right the first time, so I listen to others’ input and know my initial plan can quickly change. Have I thought entirely through the plans so I don’t start giving half thought ideas to others?

Strong – Can I be the strength for those around me? Will I be looked at as a person in panic mode, or a person who others can get hope and calmness from? Am I willing to put in the effort it takes to lead others through the battle? Am I strong? Do I listen? Can I be strategic and smart when the surrounded by fire?

I gather the strength from others in my life. Surrounding myself with others who are stronger than me helps me gather some of their strength. Also, giving some of my strength to others who are NOT as strong as me, actually makes me stronger.

Team Reborn gives me that strength. When I see all the comments on Zoom of how each of us supports others, it shows me the strength of our team. I hope that in the near future, we can actually get ALL team members on zoom so everyone has the opportunity to grab some strength from others on the team.

If I can ever offer any advice or support during this crisis, please reach out to me. I am here to listen, coach and support each of you. You are welcome to have some of my Strength.

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"My husband and I just had our cabinets refaced in kitchen and dining room, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The whole job was handled in a very professional manner and on schedule. Our installer, Sang, was always on time and worked quickly and steadily. He was very skilled and professional. I was grateful for the care he took in safeguarding the other elements of the rooms, and his great patience with our dogs! He was precise with every small detail, and kept us informed as to what was happening. The job site was left neat and clean. My kitchen is beautiful! We had a great experience with Reborn and recommend them highly"
Jeanne S.
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