Frequently Asked Questions

Communicating With Team Reborn

Question: Who do I call when I have a question on my project?

Answer: Your Designer is your primary contact for all questions prior to the project being schedule for installation. Once the project has been given an installation schedule, you will be assigned Project Team Lead who will contact with his direct phone number. As a back up to your Project Team Lead, our Project Team Call Center is also available. The direct Phone Number to the Project Team Call Center is 714-678-2320.

Question: Will I receive a schedule showing what will be happening and when?

Answer: Yes. The Project Team Call center will contact you once you and your designer have finalized all the specifics on your project. Upon request, we will send you a timeline for your project showing the sequence of events scheduled for your remodel. Typically this schedule is provided weeks before the initial start date for your project. This will allow you ample time to prepare for the first day we will begin working in your home.

Question: Will I be called every day?

Answer: You will be contacted the day before any new part of your job begins. Your cabinet installer will let you know how things are progressing and when he thinks he will be completing the installation of the cabinets. Once he is done, the next portion of your project will begin. Let’s say the next operation is the templating of for your countertop. You will be contacted by the Project Team Call Center the day before as a courtesy call to inform you of what will be occurring next and provide you with the arrival time for that next phase of your project.

Question: Do I have to be there every day? I work and it is very difficult to miss that much time from my job. What can I do?

Answer: If you would like, we can set up to have a lockbox left on site so that you can stay at work and we can enter your how during the day without having to inconvenience you.

Signature Refacing

Question: Will my cabinets look like they have been refaced?

Answer: No. Our Signature Refacing Process is designed so no unsightly mouldings are used where new cabinets would not normally have them. This ensures the look is as close as possible to new cabinets.

Question: How long does the refacing process take?

Answer: The process generally takes 3-5 days to reface your kitchen. If you are adding countertops and other work, the timeframe will be longer, typically adding an additional 10 days.

Question: Do I have to empty everything out of my cabinets?

Answer: Yes, because the refacing process requires us to route the panels flush to the openings of your cabinets, we need everything removed so that we can clean out the dust created from this process.

Question: I want to purchase a new oven, will it fit into my existing cabinet?

Answer: Our Field Engineer will come out and confirm and adjust the cabinet as required to ensure that your new oven fits correctly. It is important that you have the specifications for this new oven present when the field engineer visits your home.

Question: What is the warranty for Signature Refacing?

Answer: Please refer to our warranty page for details.

Custom Cabinetry

Question: What is Custom Cabinetry?

Answer: Custom Made Cabinetry is manufactured to fit exactly into the space required. Each cabinet is custom sized to create the dream you envisioned, with out any additional fillers or spaces between the cabinets.

Question: What is the warranty for Custom Cabinetry?

Answer: Please refer to our warranty page for details.

Question: Will I approve drawings before the cabinets are manufactured?

Answer: Yes. Our engineering department will create CADD drawings for you to approve prior to fabrication. These drawings will show each drawer, door and cabinet size and how they all go together. Your designer will meet with you to review these plans in detail. Not until you fully understand and approve these drawings, will we begin the fabrication.

Regarding Catalyzed Conversion Varnish

Question: What is Catalyzed Conversion Varnish?

Answer: Catalyzed Conversion Varnish is the most durable finish available for wood. It will resist moisture and damage from almost all household chemicals. Even Nail Polish remover will not damage the product. Unlike a lacquer product (which is softer and more susceptible to moisture damage) this product will last years.

Question: Can I refinish my cabinet years down the road?

Answer: Yes. If you wanted to have the finish removed from your cabinets and have them stained a different color, a professional refinisher can remove the varnish and refinish your cabinets. However, this finish is so durable; there would not be a need to refinish the cabinets because the finish wore off.

Question: I have heard you cannot use this in California.

Answer: This is absolutely false. We have been manufacturing cabinets in California for over 26 years. In order to offer this high quality finish, you must have specific equipment and expertise, a process we have mastered.

Regarding Dust and Debris

Question: Will there be a lot of dust and how will you protect the area from having it go throughout my home?

Answer: Although we do our best to keep dust to a minimum, it does travel. We will drape the area with plastic to keep the majority of the dust centralized in the area that is being work in.

Question: Will I have to clean my cabinets when you are finished?

Answer: Yes, we recommend it before you put any items back into their locations. We will remove as much loose debris and sawdust as possible.

Question: You are doing a Demo of my existing cabinets. What is going to happen to the material and the old appliances?

Answer: Once the items have been removed from your home and placed in the area that you told was available to temporary storage, we will contact our collection company and schedule a pick up of any and all items as necessary.

Question: Will your guys track a lot of sawdust through my home and onto my carpets?

Answer: If you do not have an immediate outside door to enter and exit from, we will lay down protective blankets or rosin paper for additional protection of carpets and flooring in general.

Regarding Flooring

Question: We have just had new floors installed. Will they get damaged?

Answer: We usually recommend to our clients that they don’t install a new floor until all of the construction is complete. There is always a possibility to damage a floor. We are aware of this and in cases like yours, we will take any and all precautions to protect the floor from damage at all times.

Question: I noticed that when the guys were here to do the measure, they were taking pictures and making notes about our floor. Why?

Answer: Yes, that is correct. We document the condition of pre-existing flooring throughout the job starting from the day of the measure. Our workers are required to inspect the flooring each time we enter the work area and document any damage that they see. It is our way to make sure that the workers in your home are being careful and are concerned about your floor at all times.

Question: We are having you do a tile floor in our home. Do you seal the grout when you are finished?

Answer: Our contract has a specific box that is checked for sealing the grout on your floor if applicable. If it is not included in the contract, then we can have it sealed for an additional cost or you may choose to seal the grout yourself. Either way, the tile grout must be given ample time to completely dry before the sealer can be applied.