Quality of Our Cabinets

Starting with the highest quality materials available, our Production Team hand builds each item for your project. We never have pre-made stock cabinets sitting around. Nothing is made until an order is placed, and each project is made one at a time in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Ask for a tour when you visit our design center.

Manufacturing Starts in the Milling Department

Our milling department is equipped with the latest technology. Having high-quality equipment allows us to create precise, accurate, and straight cuts every time. Our computer-controlled machining centers drill each hole straight and accurate in the exact location the computer tells it to be. This allows for accurate placement of door and drawer hardware, ensuring a smooth operation of every door and drawer.

Hand Application of the Finish

The cabinet parts enter the finishing department where stains are hand applied. This technique ensures uniformity of color throughout all the pieces. Once the stain has cured, each piece is sent through our computer-controlled, dust-free finishing line where the catalyzed conversion varnish finish is applied. This ensures each piece receives the maximum amount of finish while the piece is laying flat and eliminates any dangerous smells from the finish entering your home.

Each Part is Checked for Quality

In order for us to provide the Ultimate Remodeling Experience®, our factory must produce a consistent product every time. Our quality control department checks each piece that comes out of the finishing department, verifying the quality of our product meets the highest standards established by our founder.

Best Cabinet Assembly Method

Every cabinet is assembled using wood dowels and glue. This ensures that we have a permanent connection between each part that will last a lifetime. Each cabinet is assembled in a clamp that holds the cabinet square and in position until the glue sets up. Nails or staples that may possibly pull out later are never used in the assembling of our cabinets.

Unlimited Choices and Options

You get unlimited choices of combinations of material, color, and design because we have our own manufacturing facility. A member of our design team will work with you to make the decisions of what options work best for you in your home.