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Should I Replace My Windows All At Once

A large living room with glass French interior doors and a large set of windows with grille patterns.

You may have noticed that one or more windows in your home is past their prime. Maybe the neighborhood kids accidentally broke a window while playing ball. Or perhaps the windows are original to the house and you’ve noticed they’ve become increasingly drafty over the years. No matter what the cause may be, you’re probably looking at a window replacement project in the foreseeable future. And that leaves you with the important question of whether you should replace all of your windows at once.

If you’ve found yourself thinking about replacement windows for your home, you’re in the right place. In this overview, the window experts at Reborn Home Solutions will walk you through the considerations that will influence this decision.

When to Replace Just a Window or Two

Replacing a single window or just a couple of windows may be the right choice if:

  • Just one window was recently broken or damaged.
  • Your home windows are still covered by the original product and labor warranties.
  • Most of the windows throughout your house are still in good shape.

Essentially, you should consider replacing a single window if only one window has failed for some reason. This could be because the window was broken or damaged from a sudden impact, or it could be that the window is leaking or drafty due to an overlooked step in the window installation process. If the rest of your windows are in good shape or still covered by warranty, it’s probably best to just focus on the window that needs replacing.

When to Replace All of Your Windows

Other window problems can emerge as a result of products that are past their functional lifespan. House windows can last up to 25 years depending on the quality of the construction and the materials. If most of the windows in your home are drafty, constantly stuck, or difficult to use, it may be because they’re past their lifespan. In this case, it doesn’t make sense to just replace the ones where you’ve noticed problems.

More than likely, any windows that aren’t currently causing problems will be within a few months or years. In these situations, your best option is to replace all of your windows at once. You can typically get a better deal by investing in a larger-scale project, and then you can ensure all of your windows are the same age and covered under the same warranty. By investing in energy-efficient windows for your entire home, you can improve the overall comfort of your house at the same time.

Not Sure About Your Windows

If you’re still not quite sure if a full-scale window replacement project or a single replacement is the right option for your home, you can always turn to the professionals for expert guidance. Consulting with a licensed window company like Reborn Home Solutions can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs. To learn more about our replacement windows and installation services, contact us today.

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